How do I sign up?
All we need is your contact information and your address. That's it.  

What properties are eligible?
Right now, we focus on properties with buildings under 10,000 square feet that are used for lite commercial or multi family residential. Lite commercial includes buildings and uses like food stores, restaurants, retail, office, medical, laundromats, and apartments. We are happy to help you. If your building is over 10,000 square feet, or is single family, industrial or warehouse, don't be shy. Contact us and be early on our list. We are expanding our offerings and will let you know when we're ready.

What upgrades can I get?
We can fund any real improvement in a property.  Here are some examples:

  • Improvements that reduce energy and water consumption

  • structural enhancements

  • Seismic retrofits

  • ADA compliance upgrades

  • Roof replacement

  • Landscaping, pervious concrete, water catchment systems

  • Lighting

  • Security

  • Signage

We don’t fund interior design or furniture.

I want to sell my property now. Can you finance a quick makeover?
Absolutely. More and more, building owners are being asked to disclose energy use as part of sale. We can improve your building's performance by installing new HVAC systems, cool roof, water conservation systems, etc. We can fund new EV charging stations, too! All of this can be done in under 4 weeks, with zero upfront costs to you.

What happens when I sell my property?
You sell your property when you want, at the price you want, to whom you want. You have complete control.

I lease my space, can I get an upgrade?
Absolutely. We work with the property owners but we’re happy to reach out on your behalf.

Who is thirdACT?
We care deeply about energy and water consumption reduction, and we also care about the funding needs of small business. We launched thirdACT to provide small businesses access to capital for these kinds of improvements. What we learned along the way is that small commercial properties have diverse needs. So we began looking at resiliency in buildings in a different way. 

We’ve talked with a lot of property owners, and we offer what you want: a non-debt solution with some flexibility. We can fund one or several upgrades. Mix seismic with energy efficiency. Sure. We can do that. A leaky roof and a leaky faucet? We can do that too. You let us know what you need.  

We are women-founded and led. thirdACT has always believed financial companies should be a force for good. We recognize this responsibility and are proud to be a Public Benefit Corporation. PBCs are a new type of corporation that harness the power of private enterprise to create public benefit.  The creation of the public benefit corporations is a powerful, no cost, market-based solution to the systemic problem of short-termism and an innovative approach to using market forces to solve our most challenging problems. Our stated public benefit is that we drive resiliency in communities through better buildings. With every building we fund, we reinforce this mission.