About Us

thirdACT is a Public Benefit Corporation. We are not a bank. We are a band of clever people who care deeply about providing access to clean, affordable energy to communities.


We're backed by some of the kindest people on earth who want to place equity and asset building at the center of communities.

Meet the Team

Diane Schrader

Founder & CEO

I'm into real estate and climate finance. I've spent much of my life abroad and it never gets old. I'm on a team that teaches Hacking for Climate and Sustainability at Stanford.  The students are inspiring. Volunteering keeps me on my game. I advise startups, I sit on a couple of boards, and you can even find me from time to time on a rooftop installing solar. 


Lizz Milota

Director Customer Experience

I've worked in tech and design for my entire career; including real estate and fin tech, both consumer-facing and B2B. I'm currently pursuing my own electrification journey for my home and am learning how challenging it is. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and gaining the satisfaction of seeing other houses become more efficient and comfortable for the families who live there.


Wendy Hoffman

Senior Valuation Specialist

Having grown up in a rural area surrounded by redwood trees and not far from the ocean, I developed an appreciation for the natural world. I was so intrigued that I studied Environmental Science in college, while employed with a bank.  For practical reasons, I remained with the bank, in real estate appraisal, but wished I could get back to my early environmental interests. thirdACT gives me a unique opportunity to blend my passion for the environment and my valuation skills, for which I am grateful. I am excited to make a difference in people's lives in the process.


Rachel Rosenberg

Operations Manager

I have over 5 years of experience working in startups, non-profits, and large corporations focusing on customer success and program optimization. Making things work better, faster, and smoother is my wheelhouse! I'm helping the planet and making sure we are doing as much as we can with the resources we have is essential. There is so much innovation and opportunity to make big change, and we are on the precipice of truly making an impact long term.


Mebus Behrle

Director of Strategic Initiatives

I have spent the last nine years working to advance environmental policy initiatives at the global and sub-national levels, as well as work with companies to identify sustainable solutions within their existing operations and implement those sustainable practices over time. Sustainability in all aspects excites me and I am especially enthusiastic about thirdACT's ability to play a significant role in minimizing the carbon footprint of our country.