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What appliances would you upgrade if you didn't have to pay for them?

thirdACT makes it easy to swap out your natural gas appliances for modern, all-electric.  We finance the appliances and the installation. You keep all the benefits and pay us back when you sell your home. 

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We believe small comforts matter

Our Story

thirdACT was started by a band of clever women on a mission to make electric appliances affordable. 

Today, we're backed by some of the nation's largest philanthropies, allowing us to pioneer a new way to finance home appliances that reduce energy without debt and have enormous community impact. 

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How it works

We walk you through options that are best for your home. This includes laundry, cooking, space, and water heating. We install in one day and remove your old appliances. 


You own everything, so you get to keep the energy savings, the utility rebates, and the federal tax credits. In sum, you get paid to upgrade! 

Our financing is Fair by Design. There are no interest rates. We do not mark up repayment. Just pay us back when you sell your home.


And if you stay in your home for 15 years, repayment is forgiven and you keep all the appliances, free and clear. Told you we're a new kind of finance! 

Who knew appliances would get people so excited?

"So easy to clean &
healthy too"

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I spray and wipe and it's clean!  Unbelievable. And when I read about how natural gas appliances leak even when you're not using them, we couldn't wait to swap ours out!



"Pretty Appliances?
Who knew?"

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I know this sounds weird, but I can't get enough compliments on my water heater! It was an eye sore. Now, I'm the talk of the neighborhood!



"Savings go into the college fund"

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We're on goal to save a thousand dollars on our utilities this year and the IRA incentives will lower our income taxes by thousands more. It all goes into the college fund. It really adds up!



We are on a mission
to electrify 20,000 appliances this year!

Join our cause and let's avoid a gigaton of carbon! 

Sign up now.
No Strings Attached.

But, how
about some handlebars?

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Refer a friend. When you both electrify with thirdACT, you both get a free electric bike from

Thanks! Keep an eye on your inbox for next steps.

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