Financing for property owners who don’t like debt.


How it works

thirdACT enables property owners to finance building improvements in exchange for a set percentage of the property’s future sale proceeds. Since properties don't have FICO scores, we don't require personal credit checks. This means there are no monthly payments and you get to keep all benefits of the improvement (utility rebates, tax incentives, energy savings).

It takes just a few minutes to:

  • Establish a budget

  • Choose upgrades that meet your goals

Once the project is complete, you sign off and we pay the contractors. Again, when there are utility rebates or other incentives, you get to keep that too. That means, you could get paid to upgrade!


Chances are:


Your HVAC system isn’t working.

75% of 9 million commercial rooftop heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units in the U.S. aren't running efficiently. Source


Your roof is old.

82% buildings in California under 10,000 sq. ft. were built before 1980 - and most haven't updated their roof. Source–thirdACT


Your windows are costing you.

Single-pane windows may be costing you and each of your tenants as much $126–$465 more in energy costs annually. ENERGY STAR windows could bring those bills down. Source

How can we help you?


EV Charging

Turn your parking spot into a cash machine and get paid to do it.

Most utilities offer as much as $4000 in rebates when you install a single EV charging station.

Cash flow positive from day one.


SPF Cool Roof

Eliminate leaks with a low maintenance roof that really lasts 30-50 years.

SPF cool roofs act as an insulator, reducing the HVAC load and keeping your utility bills in check! Most utilities offer thousands in rebates when you install SPF cool roofs.

Cash flow positive from day one.


What would you upgrade if you didn’t have to pay for it?